A change is always welcome, so if there is a room that needs changing - why wait? From small rooms to a whole house re-decoration - we can do it 4u! 



With spring on the way, we welcomed cleaning up patios or even re-laying them so your summer is one to remember. . 

External Decorating


If the fence or shed needs a lick of paint, let us know and we can do it 4u!

General DIY


If you have dents or holes in your walls, missing vents - this can all be repaired for much less than you think.



It is so easy to forget the essentials once the cold weather sets in - but are your guuters clear? With April showers ddue soon, do you want to have unwanted drips and leaks? 

Furniture Assembly


The instructions look clear, but quite often after 2 hours you are still locating the crews? Call us and we can meet your needs. 

Need Internal Cleaning?

If you need areas cleaned inside your home or business - such as regular, general cleaning to one-off deep cleans then have a look at our Cleaning pages


Next Steps

Additional Information

  • Get together a list of jobs you want doing. 
  • Give us a call and we can discuss your requirements and any other questions you have. 
  • We will arrange for a Maintainer to come to your home to confirm your requirements and to confirm what tasks can be completed in the hours you have requested. It is also a chance for you to feel comfortable with the person who will be coming to your Home. 
  • At the time of interview, we can confirm start dates and rates for general cleaning. If you are after a one-off clean we will confirm what tasks can be completed in the hours you have requested. 


Want to know more?

Your home is a special place and you need to feel comfortable with anyone coming in. Please read our FAQ's to answer any more questions you have.  

Find out more

Know enough?

Then why wait? Contact us and you are on the way for us making time 4u!

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